Lavesh Khairajani -Biography, Height and Weight, Net worth, Age & Family

Based on the information gathered, Lavesh Khairajani is a multifaceted personality, known for his entrepreneurship, acting, and digital creation skills. Born between 1984-1988 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Khairajani has made a name for himself in various fields. He is notably recognized for his marriage to actress Shiny Doshi and his successful business venture, Under One Roof (U1R), a digital marketing company.

Introduction Lavesh Khairajani, an entrepreneur and media face from Maharashtra, India, represents a unique blend of business acumen and creative talent. With a net worth estimated at INR 8-9 Crores, Khairajani’s journey is marked by diverse achievements and personal milestones.

Current Status Khairajani’s primary income source stems from his digital marketing company, Under One Roof, where he specializes in creating logos, branding, websites, and more. His expertise in digital creation has established him as a prominent figure in the industry.

Lavesh Khairajani Net Worth Khairajani’s financial journey is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and diverse talents. From his early days in Mumbai to establishing a successful digital marketing firm, his net worth has seen a significant rise, currently estimated at INR 8-9 Crores. His business acumen, combined with his creative skills, has contributed to this impressive financial growth.

Lavesh Khairajani’s Career Khairajani’s career is a mosaic of entrepreneurship and creativity. He founded Under One Roof, a digital marketing company, and has been involved in various creative projects. His career trajectory reflects his ability to blend business with creativity seamlessly.

Lavesh Khairajani’s Personal Life Khairajani’s personal life gained public attention with his marriage to actress Shiny Doshi. He has been previously married to actress Nidhi Subbaiah. His life story is as intriguing as his professional journey, marked by relationships that have been in the public eye.

Lavesh Khairajani’s Achievements and Awards While specific details about awards and achievements in his career are not readily available, Khairajani’s success as an entrepreneur and digital creator speaks volumes about his capabilities and accomplishments in his field.

Lavesh Khairajani’s Brand Endorsements Details about Khairajani’s brand endorsements are not explicitly mentioned, but his role as a digital creator and entrepreneur suggests involvement in various branding and marketing projects.

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Table 1: Personal Details

Age33-37 years (as of 2021)
ProfessionBusinessman, Media Face, Social Media Star
Net WorthINR 8-9 Crores (approx.)
Brand EndorsementsNot Specified

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